Advolution 20B/20BT/24B/24BT Burnisher

Advolution 20B/20BT/24B/24BT Burnisher


Advolution™ walk-behind battery burnishers deliver consistent, even polishing with self-regulating pad pressure and a floating, flexible pad driver. Advolution is available with a 20- or 24-inch burnishing path, and either pad assist or traction drive.

The onboard battery charger allows for convenient charging at any 120-volt outlet. Choose from dependable standard wet batteries, or maintenance-free AGM gel-type batteries for even longer run time.

An angle-activated safety switch prevents starting when the machine is tipped back in the pad change position. Superior mobility and line of sight mean the Advolution battery burnisher is just as safe when running.

Advolution battery burnishers are easier to use than any other burnisher in the market – just turn on and go. The burnishing deck automatically lowers to the floor when the burnisher motor turns on, and returns to a raised position when the motor is turned off. Simple controls minimize training time and expense.


All models feature the best passive dust control in the market, which helps improve indoor air quality. A felt seal contains all dust within a specially designed shroud, directing it into a dual-port, disposable filter bag. Optional active dust control is available with the addition of an Adgility™ hip-style vacuum on the front of the machine./p

Advolution gives you high performance and cleaner indoor air quality in a competitively priced battery burnisher.


  • Handles are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and maneuverability
  • Quiet operation, at just 65 or 68 dB A, enables burnishing anytime, day or night
  • Innovative felt-sealed system delivers superior dust collection
  • Tip-back design enables easy pad changes
  • Angled safety switch ensures machine cannot be activated during pad change
  • Optional maintenance-free AGM gel type batteries provide longer run-times and overall useful life