Advenger & Advenger with EcoFlex System

Advenger & Advenger with EcoFlex System

Green Meets Clean

The Advenger® rider scrubber with EcoFlex™ System combines environmentally friendly operation with the ability to deliver heavy-duty performance on demand. Advenger lets you match scrubber performance to the job, giving you the control to meet both green cleaning standards and your standards for clean floors.

The EcoFlex onboard detergent-dispensing system uses a refillable detergent cartridge that requires no changes to your detergent program. EcoFlex allows use of any detergent, including green-certified or water-only cleaning, and automatically measures detergent at the manufacturer’s specified ratio. EcoFlex dispenses detergent along with clean water just as solution is applied to the floor. Utilizing ultra-low-flow dispensing, it cuts water usage by up to 70%, and eliminates solution pre-mixing so there’s no water or detergent waste, and no solution tank to empty or clean.

The EcoFlex System lets operators efficiently match the Advenger’s performance to the average soil content on the floor. For high-traffic or heavily soiled areas, the EcoFlex System includes a unique “burst of power” feature that temporarily increases detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure for deep scrubbing. This eliminates the need for double scrubbing or using a second machine for areas such as lobbies and entryways.

With the versatile performance of the EcoFlex System, the Advenger rider scrubbers deliver flexibility that’s good for the environment and for the cleanliness of hard floors.


  • Automatic detergent ratio dispenser conserves cleaning solution while eliminating need for pre-mixing
  • Standard low-flow scrubbing mode conserves water while delivering high productivity per tankful
  • One-Touch™ activation for an on-demand cleaning burst of power
  • High traction non-marking urethane tires
  • Adjustable steering column tilts upright for boarding, with easy access from either side of the machine